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   Formally established in 2021, Immac Printing and Publishing House (Immac PPH) has been  operating since April 2018 under the business name—Immac Printing Services. Immac PPH seeks  to be one of the premier printing services centers and publishing houses in the Philippines.  

      Immac PPH’s humble beginnings stemmed from the passion of its owner, Mary Jane “Jheng” Immaculata, for collection of books. She started her publishing business by posting her ever  growing collection on different Wattpad group pages. To her surprise, her collection had piqued  the interest of the members who were more than willing to purchase her books, and from then  on, she decided to sell Wattpad books. As her husband is engaged in the printer industry, they  both came up with the idea of putting up a printing business. Thus, Immac PPH was born. 

       Immac PPH aims to aid aspiring authors in the publication of their works in hard copies. As  a publishing house, Immac PPH is eager to market them as well in order to showcase the authors’  talent for writing and share their minds to the world. It also assists authors to market their self published books. 

         Immac PPH aims to have a physical bookstore and now, Immac Book Café was born last  September 12, 2021.

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To encourage more authors to publish their work, maintain the quality of book publication, sell Immac PPH’s published books in different bookstores nationwide, and establish a Book Net  Café for those who cannot afford to buy books so they can rent them from the Café.


To produce thousands of books in a myriad of genres and publish textbooks for schools.


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